Kai Bae Beach Tourist Services and Amenities

There is a growing tourist infrastructure on Kai Bae Beach to accommodate the glut of five star hotel that have opened up on the twin beaches here. Travel agencies are easy to find, so booking excursions is rarely a problem. Most resorts have there own tour desks but shopping around can save a few pennies, and it is easy to hire kayaks to explore the nearby islands.

Banks in Kai Bae Beach

Siam City Bank has a small foreign exchange counter on the left hand side of the road as you enter Kai Bae from the north. The village also has a large number of ATM machines, including one in each of the 7-Eleven shops, and in the front of shops and businesses on the main road.

Kai Bae Travel Agencies

The large number of travel agencies will be happy to book your tour or activity. A good way to be sure of good service from a travel agency is to ensure that they have a TAT number. This is a registration that is required by the Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) to ensure the legitimacy of tour and travel businesses.

If you have any issues with the booking of a trip or tour then you can telephone the TAT on 1672 for assistance. If you fancy diving or snorkelling then several of the island’s dive businesses have branches in Kai Bae.

Shopping in Kai Bae Beach

There are all kinds of shops beside the narrow road running through Kai Bae. There are two 7-Eleven mini-marts as well as an independent supermarket called V-Shop. If you need any kinds of medicine or medical supplies then there is a chemist beside the first 7-Eleven.

Wine Gallery have an impressively wide range of imported beers, wines, coffees and spirits that you can purchase to take away or sample in their adjacent café. There is no shortage of stalls selling beach clothing and sunglasses of dubious copyright but reasonable price. There is also a small shop selling brand name swimwear in the row of shops next to Ciao restaurant.

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Communications in Kai Bae Beach

Many of the resorts provide WiFi internet connection as part of their standard service to their guests. If you don’t have a laptop with you then you can find several travel agencies that have computers with internet access at one or two baht per minute.

These travel agencies will also be able to offer you phone calls or Skype access at reasonable rates. Kai Bae Beach Resort has an internet room at their beachfront resort which has decent a decent quality connection for those that need to catch up with work.

Kai Bae does not have a post office but a few of the shops and resorts can sell you stamps and there are a couple of post boxes by the roadside. If you need any other postal service then you will need to visit the main post office at Hat Kai Mook just south of White Sand Beach.

Spas in Kai Bae Beach

If you fancy a relaxing massage then Kai Bae has quite a few massage businesses to cater to your needs. The best established of these is The Bodiwork  who offer an enormous variety of massages and spa treatments from their shop located in the front of Kai Bae Garden Resort.


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