Tourist Services And Amenities in White Sands Beach

Since it is the most developed of Koh Chang’s beaches you can find all kinds of goods and services on offer in White Sand Beach. The road at the back of the beach is thickly populated with shops, banks, exchange booths and restaurants and bars.

Banks in White Sands Beach

White Sand Beach has branches of Krung Thai BankBangkok BankKasikorn BankThai Military Bank, and Bank of Ayudhya. Most of these open from 09:00-15:30 Monday-Friday. A few, like Krung Thai Bank, keep longer hours and if you need to exchange money you will be pleased to learn that all of the banks have exchange booths in the front that open much longer, usually through the weekend and until about 20:00 at night.

Shopping in White Sands Beach

The road beside White Sand Beach has scores of little shops that sell t-shirts and beach wear, Thai handicrafts, sunglasses and all manner of other tourist paraphernalia. Most of these shops sell the same kind of generic stuff. If you’re looking for a more unique gift then Portobello jewellery store at Koh Chang Kacha Resort has an interesting selection.

There are a number of tattoo studios of varying quality. Jack at Tantawan Resort and Joo at Sun Tattoos are by far the best choices doing excellent work with sterilized equipment.

A number of painting studios will also be happy to reproduce your favourite art masterpieces at bargain prices, or produce portraits of your loved ones. V-Mart is a local supermarket with branches in White sand Beach and at Chai Chet. There are also no less than four 7-Eleven minimarts.

White Sand Beach has a number of chemists. Of all the businesses on the island, these are the ones that are most likely to rip you off by overcharging you for medicine. Unless you are desperate it is a good idea to compare prices at two or more chemists. It is also wise to do a quick internet search on any medicines that are proscribed before you take them just to be sure that you got what you asked for. Tony is a chemist with a shop opposite Chang Buri Resort. He has good English and is a trained pharmacist.

Communications in White Sands Beach

Many resorts now offer WiFi internet connection as part of their service to their guests. But there are also internet cafes that charge one or two baht per minute for internet usage. 

You can buy stamps at V-Mart supermarket and there is a post box here. If you need to visit the post office then you will need to head about two kilometres south of White Sands to the main Post Office which is located at Hat Kai Mook

Other Facilities and Services in White Sands Beach

The White Sand Beach police station is located opposite K.C. Resort just as you come into the village. The tourist police can be contacted on 1155. There is a Kodak Shop at Lagoon Resort that will be happy to develop or burn your photos to CD.

If you need to get some clothes cleaned but are reluctant to pay the hotel’s often exorbitant rates then you can find a number of laundry services on the road that charge 20-40 Baht per kilogram.

It seems that nearly every shop offers motorbikes for hire, and at around 200 Baht per day prices are reasonable. However, be sure to check any bike that you hire very carefully and if it has any dents or scratches then either change or make sure that the owner acknowledges that they are there before you set off. It is not uncommon for people to be blamed and charged for pre-existing wear and tear.


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