Lonely Beach Restaurants, Bars And Nightlife

KC20This may be the backpacker zone of the island, but Lonely Beach restaurants are anything but basic. The décor may be a little more bohemian than the establishments of White Sands, but the food is still fantastic and the prices cannot be beaten.

In general, Lonely Beach restaurants pride themselves on decent food from quality local ingredients, and there is more than enough culinary variety to keep visitors happily fed and watered for a few days.

And there are also plenty of Lonely Beach bars and pubs for when the sun goes down, with the village behind the shore thronging with happy-go-lucky budget travellers drinking beer until dawn. Lonely Beach nightlife may not have the Irish pubs or go go bars of elsewhere in Koh Chang, but you’re rarely find a quiet night when nothing is going on.

Recommended Lonely Beach Restaurants

Art Café
This idiosyncratic little café and gallery displays works by art students from Bangkok universities. There are some very nice pieces and they are all for sale at reasonable prices.

They also roast their own rich and strong coffee using beans grown in the north of Thailand. Snacks and Thai food are also available.

Lonely Beach Resort
This is a busy Lonely Beach restaurant and bar complete with pool table and darts that has recently doubled in size (features 17 bungalows). They pride themselves on making one of Koh Chang’s best burgers and also have an extensive menu.

Barrio Bonito
This is the best Mexican restaurant on Koh Chang by a mile. It has a genuine claim to authenticity since one of its owners hails from Mexico. On the menu you can find tacos, burritos and all the Mexican classics that you’d expect as well as a few that you wouldn’t.

Paradise Cottage
This waterfront resort is the furthest south of all the Lonely Beach bungalows and you find it by following a road through woodland for a couple of hundred metres. It is well worth the trip since it is a striking place; all brushed concrete and modern lines. You can enjoy meals and drinks from their restaurant whilst gazing out to sea under little two seater waterfront salas.

Little Miss Naughty
This is a popular Lonely Beach restaurant and bar that has regular live music. It is located just across the road bridge in the front of Joy Cottages. Chef Tik is well known for producing all kinds of high quality home-made dishes and the place is justifiably popular.

Golden Homestay
This restaurant with an upstairs bar has a nightly seafood barbeque and if this doesn’t take your fancy then you’re sure to find something within their selection of French and Italian specialities.

Magic Garden
Magic Garden just keeps growing. It consists of a bungalow resort fronted by a series of linked thatch buildings that house, amongst other things, a bar, restaurant, movie area and Thai boxing ring.

Recommended Lonely Beach Bars

Ting Tong
The name of this Lonely Beach bar and restaurant translates as ‘Crazy’. Fortunately it means crazy as in a bit wacky and wild and this shows through with the exuberant staff. The place is another popular backpacker bar and restaurant that features nightly live music with a Reggae band and prides itself on opening 24 hours a day.

What do you do if you have to much extra space in your dive office? In this case the answer is to divide it into two and open a little dive-themed Lonely Beach bar next door. You can find the place on the main road in the midst of all the shops and restaurants.


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